Jim White
Jim White

Mission Statement

To be a leader within the manufacturing/distribution food community by providing companies with valuable consulting resources that will enhance their credibility with their customers.   To assist in developing and maintaining a management system designed to achieve food safety, regulatory, GFSI and customer requirements.

Jim White – Southeastern, PA

With over 35 years of experience in food production and education, Jim White’s role as an SQF auditor and consultant is an exceptional fit.  Jim’s proficiencies enable him to perform audits in accordance with audit schemes across numerous industries.  Present auditing and consulting categories include:  bakeries, candy, beverage, warehouse, egg processing, meat processing, packaging and cereal.

Jim earned his Master of Business Administration from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Monmouth College.

Jim’s management roles with various food production industries have enabled him to provide a truly valuable consulting experience for clients from start to finish. Jim has successfully helped facilities   acquire GFSI certification as well as facilitating HACCP plan development and several third-party audits.  His experience in plant management has been a great asset in the development of multiple operations for both domestic and international corporations.

Why you should listen:

  • 2016 SQF Auditor of the Year Finalist
  • SQF Audits 5,000 Hours
  • SQF Consulting 15 customers
  • SQF Witness Audits 140 Hours
  • National Animal Supplement Council approved auditor
  • Taught Operations and Quality Assurance courses in the Keller MBA Program
  • Operations Plant Experience 1977-2013
  • Executive Masters from Northwestern University

Jim’s involvement, expertise and passion for the food industry enables him to be a consistent, effective auditor and consultant.

Food Safety Consulting and Audit Services

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